Exo series

xLaunch, a rig for launching whatever you want.
xJet, a rig for spraying liquid precisely
xJump, a concussion table or pop table
Introducing SISU's all new

Exo series

In partnership with Performing Rigs

Get the shot.
Take after Take.

When you're on set and the pressure is on, you don't have the luxury of being granted take after take after take, just trying to catch the product in frame. With our all new EXO Series, just dial in the timing and nail the shot every time.

We're providing turn-key professional-grade rig solutions so that you can forget about building custom rigs and focus on the shot. Our rigs are made from high-quality components and are designed to work seamlessly with SISU robots, but are also triggerable from other robots and devices. To purchase, contact our sales team.


For that impossible-by-hand levitating product shot. Comes with various surfaces and everything else you need. Just add air.




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